Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jester Management

I finally found a name for this blog.

Why Jester management?
Well Jester has been my online name for quite a long time but it’s not the only reason.
I am a strong advocate of the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard”, specially in a start-up like environment. More on that later.
I also like the metaphor of a project manager having to juggle between clients, priorities, problems etc. so I think it kinda fits :)

Welcome here. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and that we can share our views on management, tech, and maybe get geeky at times ;).

edit: thank you to amaury for this title!


Anonymous said...

Well, you forgot to say that somebody suggests this name to you... ;-)

I'm still thinking that "Jester Management" would be a great title for a book.

Loïc said...

yeah, I got to credit you for this title, I like it a lot, thanks :)

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