Thursday, March 12, 2009

A little foreword on the tech postings on this blog.

A little foreword on the tech postings on this blog.

I started working in a start-up environment in 2002. With a degree in Thermoenergetics, I had basically no knowledge of the internet world, but since I didn’t want to sell fridges all my life, I was motivated to learn, and fast.

I was the first employee of a company that grew from 0 to 3M$ revenue in the course of four years. We developed solutions to publish mobile websites.

I learnt a great deal there, and particularly had a very good view of the trial and error process of building something from the grounds up, and of how a platform scales (or sometimes… doesn’t) when you start with zero page views and reach 150k page views a day.

My company was then bought by my present company, which was actually younger than ours, but backed up by a bigger company.

Technically speaking, it was a bit of a setback for us. The new platform we had to work on was only 1 year old, and they clearly lacked the experience we had in terms of how a platform behaves when traffic increases tenfold. There was clearly a big philosophy of developing products fast (which is good) but with a lack of insight of how to do this cleanly enough to minimize work in the future.

Another point was that the technical team was younger and although very skilled in their area of expertise, lacked the global experience we had. They had not make the mistakes we made before yet (or did make them, but didn’t realize it), but as far as I could see, where happily going to make them.

This is the reason why I started writing articles for my team, trying to pass on some of the things that appeared to be important to me. Some of these articles may seem naïve to expert developers, but prove to be interesting for most juniors.

I wish you a happy reading, and please do not hesitate to comment. As every developer, and geek, my main passion is information, and I’m always willing to learn.

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