Friday, April 3, 2009

Luck is hard work

Some people call it the Law of Attraction. Some call it the Tao. I call it luck.

Luck is not a gift you receive at birth. Luck is not a genetic trait. Luck is not because you have money.

Luck is only one thing: hard work.

I had to write this post because of what is happening in my life right now. I knew and lived by this rule for a long time, but I never have experienced it as strongly as recently.

As I said as an introduction to this blog, I’m moving from Paris to Seattle in a few weeks. I’m also getting married. I have so many things to do that a few month ago, I didn’t even know where to start. I was completely overwhelmed. Only one solution: work on it. Tiny bits by tiny bits, solving problems one at a time. Months of hard work in the dark, not seeing the end, not feeling like I’m making any progress.

And recently, as some of my problems got solved, I started to tell myself “Whoa, that’s lucky!” more and more often. The more I worked, the more little events that you would only call Luck started to happen, and stuff got done faster that I would have ever imagined.

People have such a strange relationship with the concept of Luck. They just wait for it to happen. Or to be more precise, I feel that they wait for people to get lucky so that they can rant about how they are so unlucky and how it would never happen to them. Actually, a few weeks ago somebody I know told me approximately the following “You are so lucky, that would never happen to me”. I got angry. Do you know how hard I work on all this? Do you know how high my standards are in terms of how I want to live my life? Do you know the number of hours I stayed awake in my bed so stressed I couldn’t sleep, or working on my computer till I felt I would drop, while you were watching TV?

Some people are truly unlucky, and by this I mean illness, car accidents and so on. But if nothing happens to you, you’re not unlucky. I’m not going to pity you because you are not taking charge of your life.

I’m not lucky. I’m working on it all the time. And I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, it’s hard. I wanted to give up so many times in the past few months. But in the end, as my professor says, “If you do it, it works. If you don’t, it doesn’t”.

Luck is hard work.


celia said...

it is for this reason that I work on the Lachancea clade!!

Anonymous said...

On the same subject : How much of success is luck (from A smart bear).

Loïc said...

interesting, thanks.

I do agree with him, actually. But you can't get lucky with your fingers in your ass, that's what i meant with this post.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sure.
We three agreed each others.

You can induce your luck.

You can work as a fool without any result; you are trying to reach the wrong goal.
But you can work in the good direction, patiently building your success, step by step. And then, when suddenly something very good happen, you seem to be lucky.

No luck for lazy people. You know the saying: "Things that should happen one time over one million could occur one time over ten". It's up to you to convert the "one million chances" in "ten chances". But well... you still need real luck to fall on the right tenth... :-)

Loïc said...


Antoine Larcher said...

I have finally grasped these words my father often said, "Antoine if you don't go you will never get there".

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