Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Deviant Behavior

I was reading Bas de Baar's post on Deviant Behavior this morning, and even though this is not a day I should be posting (what is a good day to post? Well not one with so much sun :) ) I had to say a few words.

I can relate to Bas's experience, for I have sometimes been unable to comply to rules that I didn't understand, or felt were inefficient or downright stupid.

Why don't we comply to rules/procedures sometimes?

There is a bunch of possibilities really.

1. You don't understand the rule

I don't know about you but I have always been unable to do stuff that I didn't understand beforehand. When somebody doesn't comply with a rule, it is the first thing I am checking. Did he/she actually understands what I want and why I want it?

2. You feel it's stupid for some reason

I can relate to what Bas says in his post. If a procedure is (I'm quoting) "just-because-the-company-says-so", I will try to comply for a time, but eventually I'm going to ignore it, not even willingly.

If you are not complying with a procedure, be careful to the Deviant Effect as stated by Bas. You are going to be the Black Sheep, don't let it affect you in other areas than the particular procedure you can't comply with (I'm saying can't and not won't because for me it's often not a choice, I just can't do it).

Try to talk about it to change it. Sometimes only minor adjustments can be made to make a procedure worthwhile. Sometimes, the management will understand your point and drop the procedure altogether.

3. You simply don't care

Since we are all people who care here, let's say it's one of your people that doesn't follow a procedure. He might simply don't care (many reasons), have a problem with (your) authority, or with the guy who wrote the procedure, or have a personal problem what you tell him.

The procedure in itself is probably not the cause of is behavior and you should take this as a serious red warning. You want to find out why he behaves that way quick and take the appropriate action.

That's it for now, the sun is calling me :)

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