Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dedication VS Obsession

I had recently a pretty heated argument with somebody on a forum.

It originated in a post in which somebody posted a link to this guy's site, because he found very inspiring how much the guy changed through physical training.

I then said that I found it depressing. I mean, look at him. In the first three month, he made a wonderful progress. And then he kept on putting more muscle on.

Nowadays, he looks just like any other power lifter. And he keeps on training and trying to go farther.

(Little side note: I don't know the guy. He maybe is a great guy. I only react from the pictures I see, I don't know him).

In my post, I said that he looked "obsessed", to which somebody replied "This is how lazy people call dedication".

This is something I really hate about the self-development scene. People just loose all sense of perspective. They go from 0 to 300%, and call it dedication, and you can't argue with them, because you see, they are taking charge of their lives and so on, and you are the lazy ass here.

Wake up people!! Ever heard about the word balance?

I don't argue that you have to work hard to reach your goals, but you also need to see that there is a very fine line between dedication and sheer obsession.

I am going to take the craziest example I can.

Most people don't drink enough water. There was a girl that thought that indeed you normally don't drink enough, and started drinking lots of water to be more healthy. She went to drinking as much as 6 liters of water a day. Do you know what happened to her? She drank herself to death. That right: she died. It's called hyponatremia.

Now, was she dedicated, or just obsessed, huh?

Balance people! In everything. Eating. Sleeping. Working. Resting. Management. Sports. It is all about balance.

Don't do enough, and you won't make any progress. Do too much and you will damage your body, and your psyche by the way, to the point of dying sometimes.

I am kind of angry right now. This post annoys me. You know why? Because I find it so blatantly obvious that I can't even be bothered to school people into it.

Balance. Always.

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