Friday, July 10, 2009

Use the same environment for dev and prod continued

As Amaury points out in a comment of my previous post, using the same environment in dev and prod makes sense from a technical standpoint.

You use the same libraries, you don't have to go to extreme length to make your code run on different platforms (as portable as the language may be, there is always differences you'll have to address), etc etc etc. I'm not going to write about it, he sumed it up well.

What I wanted to point out earlier is that it doesn't only makes sense technically, it also makes sense from a manager's point of view.

As a manager, one of your permanent concern should be to make your team grow. If they are not used to Linux, and it's your production platform, well you have to teach them.

What better way is there than making them install their computer, and then work 9 to 5 on the target platform?

You have to push them out of their comfort zone. They only ever coded in Windows? Is that a reason not to learn how another OS works? No!

They are going to struggle for a while, and yes, you'll pay that in productivity. But they'll also learn far more and in the end they'll be way better at writing code for the target platform.

I am aware it is kind of a rant against Java. Don't take me wrong, I like the language. I just think people misuse it. They'll go for the easy way if you let them, and you don't want that. Because in the end you want to build a team of experts, not of people that will go the easy way.

It reminds me of my school years. One of my teachers would insist on us using vi. We were used to "more evolved" editors, and we didn't understand why we had to use this editor from another age, instead of our favorite editor of the moment.

When I started working, and I had to work on a production server guess which was the only editor? Vi.

I was glad then that I already knew how to use it and that somebody had pushed me to learn athing that I didn't thought I would ever need.

(Furthermore it turns out also that vi is not an editor from another age, it's one of the best technical editor ever. This post is written using vim).

BTW, I still don't understand how you can be let out of school without being proficient in Windows AND a flavor of Unix, but that is another rant, for another day :)

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Amaury said...

I totally agree. Each word of your post.

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